Who else is a nihilist on Fun Advice?

Answer #1

I’m not.

Answer #2

a what?

Answer #3

I don’t call myself one, but some of the characteristics of a nihilist applies to me.

Answer #4


Answer #5

A Nihilist is someone who believes that life has no higher porpoise then to just be here.

Answer #6

Best I can tell the goal of all life is to survive and pass on favorable traits.

Any purpose we have beyond that is us to us.

In the end nothing matters. If the universe continues expanding forever it will become too cold for any kind of life and if it collapses back into another primordial atom to explode again all will be lost. Either way everything we know, enjoy, or value will end.

What we have is the moment. For those who live in the moment life can be a kick-arse adventure but those who ruminate on the past or future everything will seem pointless.

Answer #7

I am

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