What should i do about my nieghbor?

Okay heres the deal. I watch my neighbors kids on mondays and wednesdays, for FREE to help her out while shes going to school. Which makes my father in law have to drive 20 miles to pick my son up from school. In return she is supposed to mow my lawn, help my son with his homework, and supply lunch for my daughter. With the homework she is mean to my kid and puts him down. They only mow my lawn once every two weeks instead of once a week. And as for lunch she gives me things I would nevet give my ten month old. She gives her two 8 month old twins peanut butter sandwitches, full grapes, whole kichen nuggets, fruitsnacks, and other adult foods. They only have two teeth! I am so uncomfortable giving her children these things. Her husband saw me cutting everything in pieces and yelled at me saying to give it to them whole! One of them started choking on a grape! Also I came to her house and her one sons leg was all torn up, scratched up, and bloody. I asked her what happened amd she told me she heard him.crying for 20 minutes. Then he crawled to her with the puppies teeth lached on to his leg! She acted like it was no big deal! This woman makes me extremely uncomfortable and I am worried about her kids. The problem is I am the only person who will babysit for her. Plus I live on a military base so I dont know what to do with out her doing something to get me kicked out of my home. Can anyone help me out and give me some ideas on how to fix the situation?

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Just tell her this: "You are not carrying out you end of the agreement, so unless you can start to fully cary it out, this partnership is over."

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Well, first off...since she isn't holding up her end of the deal...and isn't treating your kids properly...I would tell her that you are no longer going to watch her kids, and you don't want your kids around her. I think you need to call social services on her, they can investigate, and if they find that they are putting their children in danger, or not taking proper care of them...then they will place the children somewhere else. If I were you, I would not let her be around my kids, she seems too irresponsible...and careless.

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If you really dont want to confront her about it, just tell her that you father-in-law is no longer able to pick up your kid from school, and so you cant look after her kid any more. Find someone else to help you babysit and make lunch for your kids. You cant allow your kids to be in danger just because you're uncomfortable about saying something. I dont know if there is much you can do about her kids. They havent actually come to harm. You can try to call social services (they will take your statement without revealing who you are), but since she isnt actually abusive nor is she entirely neglectful, I dont know how far you'd get. Your best bet would be to call 1-800-4-A-CHILD and get some feedback from them. It's the national child abuse hotline.

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Yeah I dont want to call child services on her. She would know it was me. Plus they wouldnt do anything about the things she does. Theres no excuse for not watching her kids and the food issue is pure lazyness and disregard for what her childrens doctor told her. She also calls me last minutes to watch.her kids at least twice a week stating she has.mandatory meetings. I called up the commander in her husbands unit and found out there were no meetings and also that when there is they.supply childcare! I have to live next to her for two years and I do not want to move to a differant home because if her.

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yeah, i like things simple too

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