What's a good nickname for a boy named matt?

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call him carpet lol. ask him what his favorite nickname is and use the first letter of his fav nickname and call him that

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what is that.

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"Matt" is already a nickname for "Matthew."

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I call my friend matt Matty Cakes :)

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I call my good friend Matt, Matteo Alacran, from the book HOUSE OF SCORPIANS. Sometimes I just call him Matty or Mate-o.

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I was with a guy named matt and I called him mattie poo...
he loved it...you could try that..

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I agree with mikeh, but also you could try matteus (matt-ay-us). (We call this guy it), Matty boy, or you could use his surname aswell

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If someone has a short name, their nickname is sometimes the first letter of their first name (for example, my first name is Rachel, so people might call me "R").

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Carpet lol, clever. When I said surname, you could use his last name so if his name was Matt Smith for example, you could call him smithy, smith etc

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matty, matters, mattatat. In conclusion, matt is a sexy ass name that should be left alone! Plus it's already shortened from mathew as is.

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