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Okie Dokie. So I’m doing really bad with my grades right now. And my teacher said that 3rd term grades are all my teachers next year are gonna care about. Now, I’m trying to get all my homework completed but I’m really bad when it comes to writeing stories and that sort. So, I have a news paperstory due tomorrow and all I have is a bunch of stuff that I did for brainstorming. I’m writeing about something that happened last sunday. So I just need an idea or example of how to start off my News report. I’m really trying to make a comeback with my grades :[

Answer #1

Give your story a first sentence that catches the reader. Then, go on to flesh out your story. Include some quotes from “interested parties” and witnesses, as well a adding some info on what is actually being done. Finally, wrap it up with a summarizing paragraph that ends with an observation of what occured. have fun!

ie: LaFonzie, that notorious English student, has officially announced that she intends to ace English. Friend MacTavish, a close confidante, tells us that LaFonzie, in spite of fitful performance in English class, actually does speak the language, and is capable of far more than the random scribbles that have been turned in to her teacher. Her teacher, Mr. Queensenglish, has his doubts. Based on comparing LaFonzie’s written work to that of Shakespeare, LaFonzie’s comes out as dubious quality. In spite of all nay-sayers, however, LaFonzie says she “fully intends to bury Mr. Queensenglish under a blizzard of well written papers, fully researched and properly annotated. As proof, she displayed her newly published work, Tales from Junior High, which has recently earned a Newbury award. Completion of English with a good mark would help ensure LaFonzie’s passing the year and advancing to the next grade.

Answer #2

write about bad grades

Answer #3

Haha, Thanx! ^_^

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