New movie camp rock

Has anybody heard the song from the new movie camp rock “this is me”?

Answer #1

I LOVED the song!! I REALLY want it on my ipod, but I dunno where to get it from!!! I also like the movie :)

Answer #2

yeah thats my favorite disney song it rocks I liked the part of the song when joe jonas sang with demi lovato

Answer #3

ya I heard it I own the sound track demi can really sing!!!

and I also loved the movie! :)

Answer #4

Yes I have

Answer #5

I like the song… I dont like demi livato at all!

Answer #6

yeah..but that wasnt demi lavotos real voice, they edited it out :[

Answer #7

OMG yah I heard it,its awesome:):)

Answer #8

Yeah, I watched the movie last night.

Answer #9

awesome did you like it?

Answer #10

I love it

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