New kitten care

I have a new kitten, about four wks old. It is eating and peeing but has yet to poop and today is day two. is this normal?

Answer #1

Many kittens can’t poop on their own until 6 weeks. That’s why it’s recommended they stay with their mother until then. Whoever gave you a cat at only a month old should be ashamed of themselves.

Take a washcloth and run it under warm water. Rub it along the genital area of the cat, including the anus. This will help it poop, it’s what the mother does with her tongue.

And if you can get that cat back with his Mom for another two weeks, it will grow up healthier and more socialized.

Answer #2

Only four weeks old is awfully young for a kitten to be separated from its mother. If by any chance it is possible to return the kitten to its mother for another few weeks, that would be the best.

Yes, it may have bee hiding the poop, but it may also be scared stiff and very unhappy. Try a (not-too-hot) water bottle in its bed, some soft cuddly toys and blankets - and lots of gentle stroking and affection.

But if nothing happens in the next day or so, you really should ask a vet.

Answer #3

Here’s a tip on what you do with small animals that are separated from their mothers to quickly (we did it with our one dog and it worked brilliantly

At night (have her/him sleep in your bedroom) and put a hot water bottle under their blankets. Also if you can find one -get an old alarm clock…one that softly ticks ticks throughout the night and put it next to it.

For some reason the heat together with the ticking calms them down…thinks it’s their mothers heartbeat or something.

Answer #4

Try stimulating their bottoms with a cotton ball and luke warm water (it’s what a mother cat does to get them to poop). If they dont go in a day or so, then take to the vet…

Answer #5

I bet that it has I would check under beds and couches, but if you don’t find anything within a few days you might want to take it to a vet just to make sure.

Answer #6

Perhaps it has been hiding it, or maybe it’s not comfortable with its new environment yet.

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