Why do I have to urinate often, but nothing comes out?

Welll i keep needing the toilet really bad and when i go it doesnt come out??

Answer #1

Could be a urinary tract infection. Go to the clinic and have it checked out before it starts to get painful.

Answer #2

Sounds like the beginning of a bladder infection (UTI). You might be able to avert it by drinking tons of water, some cranberry juice, and stopping all tea, coffee, and coke. If it gets worse, pick up a prescription for antibiotics at the doctor.

(Something radical I tried at the advice of a friend - I drank 3 beers in a couple of hours and did it the next day as well. Within hours all my symptoms were gone).

I hesitate taking antibiotics because they are so annoying to remember and they usually end up causing a yeast infection. But that’s just me ;)

Answer #3

Something I forgot to add, if you ARE drinking a lot, and it’s not passing through, thats another problem entirely, could be a blockage. In that case hurry to the doc.

Answer #4

It could be an infection like they have said but another factor could be that you aren’t excreting often enough to it presses against your bladder making you think you need to wee when you don’t

i would go to your doctor to get checked out though too (:

Answer #5

Happened to me a few days. It probably is an urinary tract infection or a bladder infection. Just go to the doctors, they’ll likely prescribe you with antibiotics for about a week. Drink lots of water and cranberry juice.

Answer #6

Yeah,deffenatly get it checked out by a doctor.

Answer #7

most likely a urinary tract infection

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