Where is a good place to get a tattoo?

Were is a good place to get a tattoo? Because I’m getting the meaning of my name in japanese And I don’t know were to get it.

Answer #1

I have one tat on my back left shoulder blade and have 3 more I am getting besides(right back shoulder blade, back of neck, and I am getting the word hope in chinese on my chest above my heart) it all depends on if you want to have it visible at all times or visible to you. Of coarse on the back, you cant see it unless you look in a mirror.

Answer #2

http://www.dsfy.com/kanji_symbol_character_translation.htm and this http://www.takase.com/TattooDesign/TattooDesign.htm check out these website your can go to any tattoo shop show them the picture of what you want and vuala!!! you got it but… the sad thing is the you got too pay or the websites to trasalte what you want but maybe you can try word on windows and check if it has a transalation for what you want (I’m not sure about the word thing never tried it)

Answer #3

I wonder if its cool in japan for japanese people to get tattoos in english.

in your pubic reagon or on your inner for arm

Answer #4

down your spine would look good

Answer #5

Where do you live do you live in US???

Answer #6

ankle,wrists,lower back, shoulder blade…the possabilities are endless

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