need your help

blahh blahh blahh dont know what to doo people im trying to make a song up bout love but I really dont know what love means because im only 13 so can you people plzz help mne find lyrics and words to put in it

Answer #1

you dont need to write a song about love. you can write about anything in your life.

Answer #2

When it comes to lyrics I tend to think of my past relationship and first put it into a poem then, let the rythem flow from there.

Answer #3

yes I would like an example!

Answer #4

why dont you look at lyrics by other singers … look at poems about love

and take ideas and write your own stuff …

if that makes sense …

Answer #5

I write my own songs and dont talk lyrics off of other people I also sing but 4 some reason I just cant figure out how to rite a song bout love and I have already wrote a song bout my life

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