Need some riddles

I love riddles, so help me out: post some riddles 4 me please! I’ll get bac 2 you when I figure out the answer!

Thanx you!=D

Answer #1

aww, I was just about 2 guess, lol, no ruining it, lol.

I got number one, but number 2, lol, funny, led me 2 think something totally different. and number 3, I didn’t get at all. hahaha, good ones.

Answer #2

There was an airplane crash, every single person died, but two people survived. How is this possible?

You are my son, but I’m not your father. Who am I?

What kind of flowers grow on your face?

Answer #3

hahaa I did not get number 1 at all…the other ones I for sure got :P

Answer #4

1: They were married.

2:Your mother.

3:Tulips (2 lips).

Answer #5

ahhh what are the answers???

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