Need new cheers for cheer team !

I have to come up with about 3 cheers to bring to my cheer team . it doesnt matter if you took them from your team I can make up new moves.

can you help me with that I cheer for football the colors are blue and gold and we are the eagles .

thanks xoxo Morgan xoxo

Answer #1

Hey hey you wach ya going to do when the ( team name ) comes a rollin over you!

Answer #2

watch out here we come (area/school name and team name) will be number one fantastic, impossible, team work, success (area/school name and team name) a step above the rest (three team colors) we cant be stop think you can beat us get out of town (school name/area)is the best SO BOW DOWN!!!

Answer #3

Pass that ball:

Pass that ball. Hussle down the feild. Score 6 points. (clap clap) And one more.

What do you think those cleats are for:

one, two, three, four. What do you think those cleats are for. To stomp them. Hey hey just stomp them.


Its Eagle dynamite. So don’t mess with dynamite. because when you mess with dynamite. You get. Tick, tick, tick, tick. Boom dynamite. Boom boom dynamite. Boom dynamite. Boom boom dynamite.

Hope these cheer sare helpful. Peace it.!

Answer #4

We are the Eagles and we’re really neat just like the guys from Sesame Street! There’s Bert and Ernie and Oscar and Grover! And this cheer ain’t over! Till we say it’s over! ( repeat 4 X ‘s ) It’s over!

Answer #5

make some up

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