Need help with Sims 2 characters?

I keep running out of names and looks for characters on Sims 2! Anyone have some ideas for some. (I have sims 2, sims 2 pets, sims 2 H&M, sims 2 Ikea, sims 2 nightlife and sims 2 celebration)

Answer #1

What about trying to make some of the people in your school? It can be soo funny (especially the nasty ones). I also made one man live on his own and he got soo braingy! he was like a mad scientist!

Answer #2

you could base them out of people on films?

Answer #3

You should make a very outgoing person with the nightlife pack…Make a preppy person and some one who is emo…put them in a band once you get the university pack and funtime…

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