Need help with prank call...

What’s a great prank call to pull on a person you know?

Answer #1

use the sound recorder in the computer, say sth on the recorder, make it go faster and play it backwards, it will sound alien, then play it and put your phone near the speakers… LOLZ, I did that once, it was hilarious!!! LOLZ, Have fun!!!

Answer #2

do a really sexy voice, or get a girl to use a really sexy voice if its to a guy and sound drunk or sumthing and try 2 turn them on or sumthing. I like dede2010’s idea.

have fun and remember 2 use *67!

Answer #3

use a sound board

Answer #4

Ha Ha Uhm Be Like A Stalker!

Answer #5

Pretend to be selling something really weird like sun-block or canned food.

Answer #6

use a baby voice and pretend your looking for your daddy or mommy at their boyfriend or gfs house or at there job lol

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