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Okay so im want to be 10th grade representative...and im stuck in this one part of the application that says "The reason I want to be a member of student council is:"
and there you have it thats where im stuck. The real reason im want to be in it is because I think it might look good on a college application, but I think don't think I should put that...I was thinking of putting something like "I want to give back to the school" or something on the lines of that. So does anyone have any suggestions?

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Do the typical suck up thing. =]
sometimes you just gota lie for it. lol. xD
yeah. do the oh-so-famous "I want to give back to the school, and gain experience, and be a great leader for our student body". it works everytime. xD

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You could say like the skills I'll learn from doing this will really help out later on in life or something like that. Or, this experience will be great and I want to gain more skills while I'm at it. That way, you are telling the truth, but just rewording it. :D:L

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just say that like you know that you canhelp the school be a better place or something?

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Student Council Representative Application. be a good role model. demonstrate leadership qualities. maintain good citizenship grades in citizenship, no office referrals maintain grades.

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