how do I go about losing weight?

how do I go about losing weight?

Answer #1

figure out what you want, will you lose weight for a short period of time or are you going to stay at that weight?? you’ll have to engage in one of these activities running, cycling or swimming DAILY! this will help you burn calories as well as maintaning a fast paced metabolism. you’ll also have to eat 5 small meals a day to keep your metabolism going the whole day (eat all the food groups!!). the change wont happen overnight but you’ll see significant changes the first month. remember: DISCIPLINE is the key!! during this time you wont gain much muscles but you’ll lose weight. weight workouts build muscle (and since muscle is heavier than fat) you dont lose weight! if you want to do both: do the run,swim, cylcle one day than weight exercises the other and again for six days then rest for the seventh so your body can recuperate. keep at it for your whole life and you’ll never suffer from weight related symptoms ever again :D , not to mention having an athletes body !

Answer #2

Consuming fewer calories than you burn is a good place to start.

Actually, it’s the only place to start.

See also: eat less and exercise.

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