Need CHEAP Alternative for Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter

Ok, I seriously need an alternative for the whopping $100 buck item. I’ve heard about the Pelican version around $50, but I still can’t afford that right now. Something maybe around $40 and under? If not, what’s the cheapest deal? I’ve also heard that you can use the original Xbox Network Adapter, but the price still came around $50. Are there any other CHEAP alternatives?

Answer #1

Ok. The best thing to do is hook a Cat-5 wire to your computer and lead it to your X-Box 360. You can get a wireless adapter but you would lose connection a lot. It just works better with a direct connection.

Answer #2

Wow if you can’t afford that its amazing you can afford an xbox at all.

Anything that isn’t the original brand of something I notice tends to not work with video game systems. I have never tried the Pelican brand for anything, but using such a device could damage your system because its not OEM certified. Best to look on craigslist or something for a used one, and sell some of your games that you don’t play anymore to save up for a new WNA.

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