Need a name for my female lead

I just started a new short story and I need a name for my female lead. Because I only just started the story, I can’t give you much information about her. (Sorry). She’s 20 (ish) and was studying law at uni when she met an art student named Max. They fell in love and dropped out together. Her parents are very conservative, career-driven types (both lawyers themselves) and were sort of outraged at her desicion to drop out and move in with Max (who they don’t like). As for physical apperance, again, I don’t have much, but she’s average height and has brown hair. I want her name to reflect her upbringing and that of her parents (upper-class, wealthy, socialite) but also have the ability to be shortened or have a nickname. It needs to be “posh” but nothing too outragious like Victoria, Persephone, Felicity, Evangeline, Felicity, Henrietta or Cordelia. Some I already thought of are Ella, Jane, Elizabeth, Julie, Ava, Gilian and Charlotte. Thanks for your help!

Answer #1

Baily… Suggests she has a capability to be upper class per say.. but also has a down to earth tone to it.

Even if its a simple name, you can give it an upper class connotation by employing it with a “flashy” last name.

Answer #2

clare or clarissa or vivian maybe valeria…you can be creative with the nick names for clarissa like issa its just something different …valerie val, vivian viv. Veronica

Answer #3

rosalie,rosie um…jasmine-jassie

Answer #4

Verena. Or Rosalyn, or..Priscilla…

Answer #5


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