Nausea after eating

Ok for starters I am a 17 yr old female. I am sexually active and I really dont know if I could be pregnant or if this is just a stomach problem. For about a week now everytime I eat (no matter what it is im eating) I feel like vomitting. It started last week when I was eating pizza rolls. I can usually eat the whole box (small box) but this time I had bout 5 left because I felt like I was going to throw up. Now even the thought of food makes me queezy. I ate toasted raveoli the other night and about 30 minutes later out of the blue I kept burping but I could taste the food and vomit (gross I know.) then it came up but when I got to the trash can I couldnt vomit. This is driving me crazy. I love food but now its like eating is a chore. I only do it because I have to. I dont even want my favorite foods anymore. Please help.

Answer #1

You could have a stomach virus. I had the runs for like 3 days and it was gross. Go to a DR.

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