naughty dares

what are some really super naughty naughty dares you know?? very naughty as you can get

Answer #1

sick naughty

Answer #2

Ok here are some that I’ve done before. Experiment-Have a guy or girl feel your boobs for 20 seconds. Have a guy eat something off of a girls underwear. Order a pizza then answer the door completely naked. (No bras or panties) Have a girl strip in front of everyone then have a guy strip in front of everyone and put on her panties and bra. Go next door naked but wrapped in a towel and ask for a pad/tampon or something else embarrasing. Have a girl take off her bra then put food on her nipples and everyone take a lick or bite until the food is gone and her nipple is clean. Hump another person in the room naked. Have sex with your boyfriend. Put condoms on your hands then touch everyone with your boobs and butt. Rub boobs with another girl. Have someone lay down on their stomach completely naked then pull open their butt crack and look inside. Have a guy lay down naked on their back then everyone kiss his penis.

Answer #3

no these are dumb. Try the good old 7 minz OR 5 min hell hole. (where you get to basicly do what ever you can within that time limit AS LONG AS IT’S LEGAL! I am talking about like you could tie them up and draw on them and stuff but please don’t blame me if you do something fun…er I…I mean BAD with it! =D) Or your could try “rub BLANKETY BLANK‘s but! (and or) chest! THIGH! oh and the naughtiest of all every guy on the planet EARTH knows. but you know just go for it as long as it CoughnotCough SAFE CLEAN and healthy!!!

Answer #4

Get them to flash and make a girl do an orgasm noise and make a guy do an impression of the orgasm noise LOL

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