Natural Medicines

What are some Natural Remedies to getting rid of chronic migraines, etc? Wellness in general?

Answer #1

Feverfew worked for my migraines. I used to get about one a week, but after a month or so of being on the feverfew they reduced to occuring very rarely… I don’t get them at all now, although I know that some people grow out of them anyway.

Answer #2

I’ve heard that feverfew works, I’ve also heard it doesn’t work… but it seems to be the one most common for migraines.

You might try to find out what triggers them… low pressure systems you can’t do much about, but red wine, chocolate… you can avoid if those are the problems. Do some research on migraines and compile a list of the common triggers.

I sympathize. I have a relative who is in a dark bedroom for about 4 hours at least once or twice a month. When she comes out, she looks like she’s been through a war.

Answer #3

Tehehe canibus is the cure for more than people give it credit for. If put it a vaporizor rids the effects or the carbon monoxide all that bad stuff. Medical cards are fortunatly EZ 2 get. Incase your worried about the legal issues and confronting your dealers lol

:] surgens general warning: may cause excesive laughter and happiness. Side effects may include chronic hunger (munchies) and temporary sleepiness. Do not operate any vehicles and or heavy machinery.

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