what would you name your first baby?

what would you name your first baby?

Answer #1

I named my son Hunter Owen and my daughter Mackenzie Nicole

Answer #2

if its a girl : Rosalie or Renae if its a boy : Riley

Answer #3

if it was a girl, then Courtney. I just love that name. proabably even Kay as the middle name [[Courtney Kay]]

but I dont know for a boy. I dont really have a name I like…

Answer #4


Answer #5

awwhh these names are good guys

Answer #6

Ryan for a boy

and Jaelynn or Alyssa for a girl…

I don’t know, I just like those names..

Answer #7

I like the name vada (:

haha, and I haven’t thought of a boy name because I’m almost positive if I was to get pregnant, it would be a little girl :D

Answer #8

Girl- Katelynn Anne Grace (1name)

Boy - warren,darren,liamjames

Answer #9

I really want a girl so thats all I been thinking of for names megan khrishe`(megan kris shay] or septemberlove I know they are weirdd

Answer #10

lol after much debate with my girlfriend we came to an understanding about names

if its a boy well name him Aaron

if its a girl her name will be Clara (more correctly Klara my first 2 initials (KL) and her first initials (AR) she said it was cute :D )

Answer #11

I would give my child a biblical name

Answer #12

if my baby were a boy… Shane

if my baby were a girl… Jessica ( just like moshposh, I’d also let my husband have a say on it)

Answer #13

for my first son, the name’s ryan, too..

for my first girl, the name’s lori..

(I’d consider what my husband has to say on it…) Ü

Answer #14

if its a gril Sara Lynn v. if its a boy Shawn Michael v.

Answer #15

michell for a boy rachel for a girl

Answer #16

GIRLS NAMES I LIKE. Crystal., Paradise,Jazmine,Mckenzie, Angel, Princess =] Boys Names I like:. Read, Shea, Paisley,Anton , Perry,

Answer #17

my choices for a boy would be - Nichali- and for a girl - Alisya or Elecia (: x

Answer #18

awww thats sweet xD

Answer #19

my frist son would be named after his dad or luiggi if its a girl is would be named jennifer or angel

Answer #20

Girl: Ivory, April Boy: Chris, Ethan


Answer #21

if a girl AMYTHEST MAY

Answer #22


Answer #23

thatss sweet xD

maybe ashlee for a girl

  • ryan for a boy =]
Answer #24

Emaleigh Janay (Girl) Austin Joseph (Boy)

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