Name for jewlery company?

My sister is starting up a jewlery company and we need a name. Any ideas will do, her name is Grace Lamb if that helps but the company dosent need to have her name in it.

Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.

Answer #1

a girls best friend,shiney things,what glitters,rings and things lol,the ring that fits,or dedicated to her lol thats all I got

Answer #2

I think irishtom boys ideas good escpially the precious hearts thats good idea

answer my question bouh trampoline x

Answer #3

The Hole in the Ring?

Answer #4

Pure Grace Grace Lamb (Original, I know. lol) Amazing Grace Jewlery by Grace


Answer #5

Grace’s Treasures Diamonds Secrets Precious Hearts Precious Treasures Hearts of Fantasy

Answer #6

lamb of grace? kinda like lamb of god? haha its kinda sacrilegious I guess. but still catchy

Answer #7

thankyou so much everyone.

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