White things on my nails don't know what they are?

I have white things on my nails and I dont no what they are can you help me please???

Answer #1

Its a lack of calcium.

If you dont like plain milk… Then get some milkshake powder and try to drink at least a 4-5 pints a week.

This should help a lot, although the white marks grow out I THINK, so they might not go untill your nails grow them out. If that makes sence

Answer #2

you are not gitting enof zink

Answer #3

it means your not eatting enough calcium in your body I use to get them all the time when I was younger

Answer #4

Try drinking milk, I think they have something to do with not getting enough calcium

Answer #5

r you talking about yr cuticle? or hangnails?

Answer #6

my fingertips

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