How to make great nachos?

how can I make some EXTREMLY good nachos???!

what should I buy? or get?

ps.. wit lots of cheese. :)

Answer #1

I have literally made nachos everyday for years, asid from the odd day here and there lol. I get tostitos hint of lime chips. Place each chip individually on a large plate so each chip will have toppings. on each chip put green onions, jelapino peppers, chicken or taco seasoned beef, tomatoes, bicks hot pepper relish, olives if you like, then your favorite salsa. you want the juiciest toppings on last to buy you time before the chips get soggy. Grate your cheese or get good nacho cheese on the first layer then start all over again for layer two! use the microwave, oven nachos can be real good but sometimes they get soggy. Hope that helps :)

Answer #2

oh yea and wit chili on it!!!

Answer #3

I don’t know I dont really cook but I want some nachos too…

Answer #4

Get nachos, hamburger, green onions, tomatos, sour cream and guakamoli and pile it on the nachos

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