Would a Mytouch 4g be able to work fully if a prepaid T-mobile sim card is put in it?

Answer #1

I don’t think so

Answer #2

I don’t think so

Answer #3

That’s gay -__-.

But I’m going to call t-mobile and find out for sure.

Answer #4

if you got it unlocked for all sims, yeah..

it might be unlocked now

Answer #5

Yeah I know, I had to get a plan to make mine work so I didn’t do it

Answer #6

I’m perty sure it does.

Answer #7

i have one i dont think it will

Answer #8

Hi if your HTC Mytouch 4G mobile is unlocked from network then sure it will work fully with your t-mobile sim .Else if it is locked one then unless you unlock it you can’t use it with t-mobile .You can unlock your HTC Mytouch 4G mobile at Unlock-zone.com here they render unlock code for all mobile models.

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