Ok thats my friends w4">

Myspace w4w code not working

Ok thats my friends w4w code for myspace and she wants in the scroll box for it to be the text so people can copy and paste but in staead it comes up as the pic link thing. What do we have to do to make it text instead of the pic???

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Type before the code.
Then after the code.

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I dont think you can do that because the code is for a pic
so its gunna become a picture

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Go to myspace-crash-codes.com

And it basically has every cody -
on the side you have options.
click codes.
Go all the way down to the bottom, and under the title OTHER CODES
click 'Display HTML codes in a scrollbox'

and there you go (:
hope I help (:

you should add me too !

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Omg. This is being retarded. Haha
Sorry. :P

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Type before the code and then after it type


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Ughh, without the spaces obviously. Lol.

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