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How can I get my slideshow working on my page? I already went under edit profile pics and clicked create slideshow, and I followed the instructions from there but it hasnt worked...the slideshow thing itself came up on my page, but without the pics...what am I doing wrog?

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you don't have to go to the MySpace thing to get a slidshow!! you can go to a different pge that has slideshows! first, go to myspace and sigh in. 2nd find a slideshow website where you can make your own. 3rd when you find one do all the steps needed for it you know the decorating parts and blah blah and some more blah! 4th copy the code! 5th up at the top thing like under your yahoo sigh type in myspace to bring you back to your pge. and you should allready be sighned in!!6th paste the code in one of the sections of your profile (it's when you go to profile editor) 7th after you copy and paste in one of the sections in which you want your slideshow then click SAVE ALL CHANGES twice!! 8th go to your profile and see if its there!!

GOOD LUCK!! :):):):)

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thank you!!!
didnt know I could do it that way...really appriciate it!

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Hey! I think you can try Photo MovieTheater. It is a good slideshow creator software.
using that, you can add background music, caption, illustration, effect,transition,etc.
Of course, you can put the slideshow on CD, DVD. and you can enjoy it on TV.
More than that, Photo MovieTheater support HD output. It allows you to have a
new experience in HD slideshow.
Have a look!
download add:

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Use photo dvd maker to create slideshow. It is a good tool to make it.

How do you make a slideshow on myspace?

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