Why can't i join myspace?

I want to have my own MySpace account, but when I sign up, they say that I'm not allowed to join. Why?

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Well you have to be old enough, read the "terms of agreement" and agree to it, and can't have a profile already to a single e-mail adress. These are the only things I can think of sorry. :)

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Your profile puts you at 15. Didn't you read that myspace requires you to be 16...?

Come to think of it, my guess is you didn't read the terms of service when you signed up here:

and your English is AMAZING considering your from the Philippines, have you studied long? And I though the jonas brothers were an American infliction only, ugh. :(

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maybe you are not old enough? im not sure why...if you have had a page with them before and they had to delete you for any reason, they will not let you join again...try facebook.

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