How do you find a simple comment me button on myspace?

Ok how do you find a simple comment me Add me Message me Buttons But how do I make them myself, And if I need a code what is it?

Answer #1

you go to any site that has them you can go to coolchaser my hot layouts and stuff like that and just choose your contact box.

Answer #2

go to and on the left side there will be a big list of every catergory, go to contact buttons, and find some their, than post the code in you about me section. I do no tknow how to make you own, I’m sorry

Answer #3

Well,for me,I just use the links. So instead of clicking on like a rectangular buttoon that says “comment”,I just click the word”comment”. Heres an example of how to do that- Go to your comments,hit “new comment” and when you get to the page where you can comment yourself in the box,copy the url to that. Then where you want the “comment” button to show up,do this:

a href=”URL HERE” Comment! And for the last star put a >

You do the same thing for Add and Block and Message and whatever else you want. if you need any help,Message me.

Answer #4

Don’t know

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