How can i get into my myspace account without my password?

How do I hack into my own myspace account if my password suddenly doesn't work and i don't know what to do? Someone else is getting on it and its not pretty if u know what i mean .. so please help!

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Well, first off u can use ur email addy nd have it sent there, but that's all u cud rlly do, but u cnt hack, nd its not hacking if u just need ur password, that's just lame 2 label it that, nd dnt say u dnt have an email addy cuz u cnt have a myspace without 1

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If you can't retrieve your password, then you're out of luck. Sorry. They might have some kind of "customer service"...but, in my experience larger sites tend to be harder to get good service out of.

There was a thread about sending a picture of yourself holding your user id or something to them, but I don't know what that was about. Try myspace's search functon, etc, to see if the have a way to contact them.

How can I get my password back on Myspace?

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