How do you delete your questions?

How do you delete your questions?

Answer #1

Go too your profile; click “My questions” & mark them annonomyous; you cant delete em.

Answer #2

Sorry you cant delete them (I mean if there’s a serious issue you can contact one of the advisors and we’ll talk to the admins if we think it’s worth deleting) Otherwise just mark them anon…

Answer #3

Questions only get deleted if they break the terms of use policy, which can be found in a link along the bottom of the page if you aren’t aware of the rules. The reason why people cant delete their questions is because someone may have that same question in the future and they will be able to use the search engine and find that question already asked and they will be able to see replies right away instead of having to wait for people to answer. What you can do though if you don’t want your question under your user name anymore is mark it as anonymous, heres how you do that: go to your profile, click ‘my questions’ and on that page you have the option beside any of your questions to mark it as anonymous. This doesn’t get rid of the question completely, it gets sent to the ‘fau’ user.

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