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Well my sister thinks she has a STD or STI , she gets these thick bumps on the side of her leg near her vag, and she gets these small bumps on inside and some times on the out side. She gets a thickish white discharge and some times she shes a bit of green on it. I say she has one but I dont know.

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she needs to go tto the doctor or an STD clininc. what she has can be one of three STDs. the most common and probably what she has is HPV/ its a type of herpes, and actually inflicts 2 out of 3 sexually active woman iin america. the symptoms could also be clamedia and even possibly syphalis. seek medical attention.

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she needs to go to the doctor. white discharge is normal in woman but if it has green in it that is not normal. As for the bumps she most likely has a disease so take her to the doctor asap

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take her to a teen health centre to get her checked. its for her own good. those can be deadly.

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