My wife thinks im a cheater

Me and my wife have been married for a year now. We had our first really big fight and ended up kicking me out of the house. I have no where to go so I went up to this lake house where my parents are living. I even took my brother-in-law along for the trip. When we were up there we went fishing, it help me relax. After that we wanted a beer and the nearest place to get a beer was a strip club. I only went for the beer, I was at the bar the whole time. 2 days later all was forgiven but than she found out that I went to a strip club and she thinks I’m cheating. Her own brother even told her that I was at the bar, so she believed that but form that point on she keeps thinking I am cheating on her. When I’m working late till one she comes to my job and waits for me to finish. When I’m stuck in traffic she calls to tell me that I’m late. I cant even hang out with my boys without her checking up on me. I figure she would give it up after the first week or so but she keep checking up on me. We talked about this but when I said I need a little space (my meaning is that she doesn’t have to check up on me) she assume that I need space to cheat. Do all married women be like this after a while? I hope not. Was I wrong to get a beer at that place? What should I do now? Why is she keep thinking that I would cheat?

Answer #1

I no im only 16 but I no your wife is just feelin insecure wot you should do is spend as much time with her as you can and as little away as possible this should convince her that you care 4 her but also that 1. you havent been cheatin 2.that you wouldnt cheat. I no this because im in a commited relationship lastin about the same as urs my girlfriend has had confidence and emotional issues all they need is emotional support from you and everything eventually works out - it wont happen overnight but dont overdo it to start with because that could make it worse making her more supicious but dont 4get 2 tell her your intentions at some point e.g why your spendin as much time 2gether as you can.

btw I would have gone in 4 that beer 2 I live in uk so I could.

good luck mate.

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