What's wrong with me if my period's stopped?

okk… so im 18 I’ve had my period for like 5 years now I was on birthcontrol for a while (about a year I think) and then I got off at first my periods were regular but after about 2 months after I stopped taking BC I started to get my periods farther and farther apart… I havent had it in about 3 months now I told my doctor and she said she didnt know what it could be she just kinda shrugged it off…good doctor huh? has anyone else had this happen to them?? what could be wrong with me??

Answer #1

Heeyyy its happened to me … ive come of my g pill too and my periods are reli irregular.. missin them or havin extremly short periods. its probably just your body adjusting to the new ways!!!

Answer #2

Yep, chikii21 is correct :) My sister and i were talking about it to a few months ago, she works for a doctor, and i started to get weird hair growth ive never gotten before so besure to go to the doctor [ new one ahaha ] and fix this problem!

Answer #3

Yes!! what a coincidense. I was speaking about this to my cousin yesterday because she has the same problem. This means that you have your hormones unbalanced. In other words you have more hormones from the make side than female. Don’t be alarmed, it does not mean your a man lol This happenes to many people. That is why you were on birth control, to balance your hormones. I think you should go to another doctor and get on BC again. The only problem with this is that you need to take them until the end of it. But that is ok, because once you make a habit of it, it becomes a routine, and trust you will start to love it

Answer #4

Maybe it could be, your cycle is used to not being for a couple months? Im alomst 17, i have had my period for 5 year too, i was 11 when i got mine, and up until may of this year, i wasnt getting it, i went 6 months without my period and i never when to a doctor. Are you depressed? Because depression could lead to cycle changes. I suggest you go see a new doctor and get tests done to figure out the problem, because some periods not coming on time could lead to major health problems such as things wrong with you thyroids. Ill pray for you, hope you get well. :)

Answer #5

do i need some kind of treatment for this or will everything go back to normal eventually??? PLEASE HELP!!

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