My stupid xbff

Hey …iam 13 years old girl …my name is evi I have a prob about a girl well she was my friend now she is an xfriend so when I come to school she keeps starin at me sometime I wanna kill her …? Any ideas how to get rid of her…???<3 I know that this is for love and like that what anyway lool -evi

Answer #1

if you dont like her—make her feel like she unwanted by you if you dont like her…tell everyone the secrets she shared outloud and make sure she no but dont tell her …then shell no not to come next to you unless she wants to be mest fun of

if you want to start over…tell her your sorry and you want to be friends

if you just want her to stop—ignore her

the top one can also work if you want to ignore her

Answer #2

mmm I would just ignore her.. if she sees you dont care she will get tired of just starin at you…

Answer #3

Ignore or pretend to ignore lol it works>.-

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