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My story {poem } please tell me if its good

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Scars on her body
Yet no one notices
An abused girl
Stuck in this world full of twists and turns
She doesnt know what to do
Her mother doesnt care her father who she fears
She try so hard to be the perfect child
But its just not enuff
He comes with the belt and hits her
Night after night
Over and over again
She yells.she cries
And the more he hits
What is she to do
She tries to runawayss
Gets caught father comes in and holds her down
Choking her ,shes gasping for air
No one is there
She yells"pleasee stopp stopp"
He doest care
His eyes rages for fear
Its seems to her death is soon near
She prays to god in her head
"please god godd dont make him kill me"
Suddenly a knock at the door "police! Open up"
Seems the neighbors heard the comotion
They take him!
And im frree.bye dad