Crashing, a novel

Remember the story I was talking bout writing and wanted all of you guys to comment on, well, thx 2 you guys, I started writing it. Here what I got so far. Enjoy it and thx again 4 the people who believe that I should keep writing.

    Oh my gosh! I can’t believe this is happening. How did I get myself in this mess? I mean, I am running in the middle of the night from the police, and it is freezing out here. My lungs are throbbing in pain and I think I’m having a heart attack. Where am I? Who am I?
    Gosh, I just wish this never happen. Oh, I’m going to kill her. All of them. This is how I got here. Her. It was all her. Faking that our life was okay. That our life was perfect in every way and making me believes that I am special. Ha! I’m not special! I never was special! I’m just her hopeless depressing daughter who can’t even make the right choices. She was always dissatisfied to the fact that I wasn’t the perfect daughter she always pictured. She was always distress because she thought I was the reason why dad left us. I am tired of the lies she gave me, of her bringing me down and making matters worse for me.
    Now, it is my turn to make matters worse for her. To actually make her cry and wish she never put the guilt on me. To feel how I felt and the pain I got when she didn’t loved me! I’ll just make her wish she never even had me for a daughter because that was how I wished. That was how I felt.
Answer #1

What person are you writing it in? 1st,2nd or 3rd person. If I know that I would be better to tell you. But I guess it is good.

Answer #2

Its in 1st person. And thx. But does it need more work?

Answer #3

vere nice wanna check out mine? I am not copying. I found this when I was bored ok.anyways this good how old are u? cause ye rite nice

Answer #4

Wow thats rely good!

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