My sneeze suddenly stops... ?

Ok this has been happeneing for a few weeks now. I will get that tingling in my nose, and you know when you sneeze you take a breath in really fast and then, well , sneeze? Well lately I will get that feeling in my nose, and I will take a breath in fast, and as I am just about to sneeze, it just goes away!! just like that!! And I get this weird feeling throughout my body. I've had this happen to me throughout my life, but just recently it has been worse, like that will happen every couple of days...

LOL what is up with that ?!

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it happened 2 me before too...
its sooo annoying...
but now im sneezing all the time...

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I've had that happen. Sooo weird!!! I know what you feel!

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Never heard of anything like that...but, you sneeze because something is in the nostrils and irritating it. Ciliai (tiny hairs in the nose) moving and trying to get rid of the irritant is the itchy, tingling feeling we get. The cilia succeed in getting rid of the irritant and the sneeze is not needed and the action is halted, so that's why you don't end up sneezing after all.
Have you moved recently to an area where there is a lot of dust? Or are you in a dusry room? Maybe you are allergic to dust and may need toi dust more frequently. And wear a.surgical mask when you dust to help keep irritants out

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