How can i convince my sister that she's not ready for boys?

my sister think's she's ready for a boyfriend!! she's only 13!! i try and try to tell her that boy's are tomuch for me right now and theyer way tomuch for her!!! i dont wont to see heart get hurt because of some boy!!! but she keep's on syaing that she's ready she's ready!!!but she just dont know if she fall's inlove love can hurt!!!!!! how can i tell her to wait????

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u need her to expirnce dating for herself so she will learn i understand that u want to procet her but she is growing up and u cant procet her for ever

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hunni i think you just need to let her learn the hard way. the more you tell her that she shouldn't go out with them the more she's going to want to go out with them! and to be honest i started dating when i was about 1! ok so it wasnt serious dating but 13 really isnt that young! i had my first kiss(making out kinda kissing) at 12!

also if she starts serious with her first boyfriend then it's going to hurt her more than if she has a few young little flings if you know what i mean because she will then be used to it when she comes to the real dating. so starting early is really a good thing!

also shes going to get hurt at some point and the only way she's really ever going to learn is the hard way. think about it. if someone trys to explain to you why you cant do something you just want to do it more because it makes you even more curious!

hopes this helped!

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The only think to do is to choose a perfect moment and then talk to her again about it. Like when she is taking a break in her room alone, and join her in there. Before you begin, tell her a joke,so she could relax more and open the gate of communication for you. Start by telling her about life, about the good and the bad things about life. Tell her about the benefits she could receive if she waits a bit longer. Talk smoothly and be relax and i am sure she will understand you and wait as you ask.

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u don't

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