My sister raped me

Im am 13 and just 2 months ago I was raped by my sister, who is only half. Well I came home from school and she told me mum had gone to the shops and she wanted me to clean my room. So as I was clean my sister came in the room. I noticed she locked the door and came in with a cucumber. I dont understand why she wold do thiss…grrr ..then then put the cucumber in my anus and tolde me if I tell anyone she would kill me. Im really scared ..please help.

Answer #1

im so, so, sorry for u. dont keep it a secret or you will regret it for the rest of your life. if you keep quit than she’ll still have power over u. listen to sika an dtell someone. its hard, but it has to be done.

Answer #2

No you don’t - you need to call the police immediately! DO NOT WAIT!

Answer #3

Tell you’re mother and police. Your sister needs serious help and you may need therapy.

Out of curiousity – what do you mean by ‘only half’… That she is only half your age? I don’t understand what you meant.

Answer #4

You need to tell your mom - tell her when you two are alone together. You cant just not tell anybody because that will make the situation worse. Your mom needs to report this and your sister needs professional help.

Answer #5

please tell your mum about this!

your sis needs help to!

but dont worry you did nothin wrong and your sis will not hurt you as long as someone knows…and by someone I mean your mum!


Answer #6

Birockstarchick, only his halfsister, probably.

Tell your mother, as suggested before.

Answer #7

I second stephanief987’s answer. This is serious and shouldn’t be ignored.

Answer #8

omg tell somebody us sister has got serious mental issues

Answer #9

Tell someone, That was wrong and sick.

Answer #10

Know it’s not your fault. No matter what you were wearing (or not wearing) or what state you were in. NO means NO. and STOP means STOP.

Rape and molestation is usually more about the control than it is any actual sex.

Tell a trusted adult or a parent. You need to contact the authorities. What she did is not only wrong, but illegal. I suggest being as far away from her as possible. That would mean separate living arangements. You need your mom’s support on this, she shouldn’t be allowed any where near you, for your own safety and mental sanity.

Please visit RAINN… or call their hotline 1-800-656-HOPE

If you need help finding a counseling center you can contact RAINN or send me a funmail and I can help you, Or if you just need to talk, drop me a funmail or message on a social site.


xox Sika

Answer #11

Yeah this is serious. This is what the police is for, to protect and to serve every now and again. Seriously tell coppers, tell your mumand/or dad if applicable. Your sister will need help too, because that just isnt right. Is she on some sort of drugs or something? Also try a counciller or just >>TRUSTING<< people you can talk to. Also, try to make sure you are never alone with just you and your sister.

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