my room is really small and I want it to look bigger!

my room is really small and I whant it 2 look larger. it is painted bright blue and hot pink. my mom wont let me paint it a different color.

Answer #1

Put a BIG mirror in it :D

Answer #2

storage! clear out all the bits and bobs laying around…

making your room bigger is going to be VERY difficult without the co-operation of your mum…why won’t she let you re-decorate it?

Answer #3

try n0t t0 crwd your r00m it will make a big difference

Answer #4

mirrors always expand the room, good idea. and try moving some things around, it may give you some more roaming space.

Answer #5

Take one peice of furniture out… even though its a little difference youll be surprised of how different it makes you feel

Answer #6

Tell her a sob story saying you feel trapped in your small room and need to make it bigger((make it dramatic or something)).. ..But when all else fails, do what the others said and use mirrors.

Answer #7

all I have in my room is a bed,tv,chair,and my closet is made in my room

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