My rabbit ate plastic? what now?!

My rabbit chewed on his little hut inside his cage,and he ate a part of it.
Its plastic,and I know rabbits cant puke,and I doubt they can digest plastic..
So now what do I do? will he be okay? or should I take him to the vet?

and why did he do this? He has plenty of food.

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Sometimes rabbits can get bored easily with there food and try and munch on something strange. Plastic isn't the best to digest so I would consult your local vet for answers.

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Don't worry about it. But just in case, you might start hanging around the rabbit cage at your local pet store and see if there are any you like.

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my rabbit did the same thing, I have just been observing her, she seems ok, that was 1 week ago,, I've removed the bowl and replaced it with one she cant chew on,,

what happens if they eat wood, I have wood in their hutches and rather than using it to file their nails they chewed on it..

is this safe?

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Plastics are basically inert, don't worry, it will pass. Watch for pellets with little plastic sprinkles. But you should take that hut away from him. Give him something else to chew on that is natural, like a stick of wood.

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bunnies like to chew on do other small mammals...maybe because they're bored...but they all do it nonetheless...

well my cat likes to eat celophane (tape on ups packages etc), at first I freaked out but nothing has happened to her...but if it was a sharp-angled piece you might want to get that checked out...

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yeah,wood is safe for them.
Just not cedar! Its bad for their respiratory system.

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ok cool, ty :-)

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