My poor cat Maggie

ok maggie is not even a year old or maybe she is know I cant remember but the last 3 days she has gone down hill she isnt eating or drinking and is very skinny she wont move anymore and I think maybe by tonight she will have pasted away. I saved her from a farm that wasnt being taken care of as a kitten. she has always had a infection but it seems that it has taken over her now. blood is comming out of her mouth and she is cold all the time I went to pick her up this morning and she couldnt even lift her head. I just wanted to put her down a few days ago but my mother said no I feel that she is suffering and I didnt want her to be going threw it anymore

what should I of done for her if anything at all?

Answer #1

Awww that’s sad. I’m sorry for your lose. But yea, it’s very good that she doesn’t have to suffer anymore. I’m sure you gave her a great life thought :)

Answer #2

Don’t know what other people type, but she could have been postive for Feline leuk or feline aids, do you have any other animals? It could be contagious to other cats depending on what it is. I would not let her suffer.. Going to the vet and making desision would be the best.

Answer #3

Get her to the vet ASAP. But tbh, I really don’t think she’s going to survive much longer. xxx

Answer #4

sounds like the symptoms my cat had. I’d take her to the vet; she may have diabetes. that’s what my cat had. if you need any help with it, I’ll do what I can.

Answer #5

Have you taken her to a vet? If she really isnt going to get better, then it would be best for her to be put down, even though it will be devastating for you. I hope maggie gets better soon.

Answer #6

That’s really sad man. I’d say take her to the vet ASAP. The warm towel things is good, it really is. Just keep her warm and comfortable at all times. Try to get her to eat some can food or something and try to get her to drink something. Maybe try getting her to drink with an eye dropper or something. I’d really look into getting her to the vet though… Hope she’ll be alright!

Answer #7

You’re doing her right with the warm towels…any comfort, and that includes your voice and your touch…will make her passing more comfortable. It really doesn’t sound to me, as tho she’s “suffering”…she’s past that…so now “comfort” is all you can offer.

I’m so very sorry for your loss…You gave her love from the minute you saved her…what a nice thing…many MANY animals never get to have that.


Answer #8

Maggie past away yesterday while I was at school I wraped her up in a towal and put her in a bag and then into a box she will be barried tonight with the other cats that passed away a while ago

she passed away with her eyes open which meens she didnt go in her sleep it made me feel sad but she isnt suffering anymore which is good but I will miss her

RIP Maggie

Answer #9

her breathing is so shallow today that I dont think she is going to make it past tonight I have just put her in a box with some warm towals but there is no way she will make it she is to sick I will be barrying her probably by tomarrow night

Answer #10

aww not good :( make her feel loved if she hasnt got long left, there isnt much else you can do if your sure she hasnt much longer. Talk to her softly, stay close by her side, you made her happy by rescuing her from the farm, she will love you for that. x

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