My phone won't send picture messages??

How can I fix this problem? I took pictures on my phone and tried to send them to my e-mail, but they wouldn't send. Then. I tried sending them to a friend, but again, they wouldn't send. Is there any possible way I can fix this?

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there is a limit for MMS on size of the picture that could be sent, you might be exceeding that limit, I believe, it is typically 300K, but it varies on different phones or networks.

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try taking out the battery and putting it back in. then try it. my phone is doing the same thing and sometimes it works when I do that

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mine just says unable to send message to ___ (my friend)

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Hm, I don't know for sure. Could just be the reception in the area, out of credit, or an overload in the message server center from handling too many picture messages being sent by other people. I don't think you should worry too much if it doesn't happen too often.

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I have nooo idea im having the same problem. its something to do with the network for sure

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Your phone account is probably not connected to the internet or doesnt have an internet plan.

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no it does.
it always works, but sometimes they just won't send. this doesn't happen often.

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My phone has always sent picture messages until today. I've tried several differnt pictures also. I treid sending the pictures to both my e-mail and friends and nothing is working. It keeps saying, "Network authentication failed." Any tips?

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Okay I have the same problem.I heard you can only send picture messages to people that have the same service as you. Nobody has the smae service2 as me so I cant recieve or send messsages. everyone has verizon and get pic messages all the time. I dont know how to fix it though.. Maybe if you ask your phone company they will fix it. But I dont know what to tell you about the email thing... maybe try hooking it up to your computer... Good Luck!!

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