Any ideas why my phone is spazzing

sometimes my phone has these wierd spasm's when it turns itself off then turns itself back on but doesnt get further thn the first bit when it says 'welcome'
and then yesterday in school it turned itself on in my bag and sed insert sim. are ther any geniuses on Samsung E250's out there? if so please help!!!

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You battery might be messed up. Like it got moisture in it or the place you put your sim or your sim might be going bad. That happened to me but I don't have a sim bc I have verizon. Just ask the people at your phone company place, like the store you got it at.

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Youre probably going to have to have it exchanged or replaced. If youre with ATT you can just take it into the store they will give you a customer service number to call and you can have it replaced (the charge changed depending on the phone and warranty and what not) but they will mail it to you in like forty eight hours.

Any ideas why my phone is spazzing?

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I've dropped it countless times but thts neva happened lol. thnx anyway :)

Cant stop shaking
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dropping it???

Why is it that when I smile my mouth starts twitching on the sides. People say that I dont smile naturally?

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could be water damage or internal fault with software or hardware

my phone says limited service