Does an early period mean I'm pregnant?

Hello I am very concern with having this earily period.Me and my boyfriend have been having sex with no condom and I just had my last period like two weeks ago and now I just see blood again today there are no signs of cramps at all are no heavy bleeding. Could this mean that I am pregnant???

Answer #1

hmmm… That dude guy in here is really ummm… I don’t think ther is a word for him… His girlfriend sounds really “lucky” to have found him. We all owe a special thankyou to her for keeping him off the market… Oh and The same early period thing happened to me.. This is possibley the 2nd time I will have been preggers on the IUD.. Good luck and maybe it is an early peroid…My doc said to test during when reg period is due

Answer #2

ok I had my period for the month of april and then I had sex soon as I got off. Then I have sex when I was highly fertility and when I was ovulation I am not suppose to have a period until may 1st or 2nd but it came three days early what do that mean?

Answer #3

no lol ur not.

Answer #4

I do not understand why young ladies are not being taught the facts about male and female bodies. Especially your own body. You should NOT be having unprotected sex. If you were protecting yourself, you would not even be worried about this. I don’t know how old you are, but if you are not well-educated on how your amazing female body works, you should not be having sex at all! Your early, light bleeding could be a sign of several things. If you suspect your are pregant, take a test on the first day of your missed period, IF your period is even late. You should be getting your regular period in about 10-14 days if your last period was about two weeks ago. If you are not pregnant, stop trying to get that way and protect yourself! You need to learn how to track your cycles so you will know when to expect your next periods and you will also know if they are late.

Answer #5

everyones yelling at her about not protecting herself, what if she is trying to get pregnant and is trying to look for hope from what yous are all saying? think of it from another point of view instead of being so negative.

Answer #6

wow same here only thing is I have dismenorea which is pain ful periods alla dah shit vomitting and all. and the last time I could remembah it being as bad was sept of 09 my by fn and I did it like dah 24 and like dah 26 of october I dont have any pains just feeling real bad head aches and wanting to vomit I mean I taught its weird because even if its mild its usually pain there and I had sex wid no one else dah whole month we were planin … buh I still had periods buh not bad ones at all my belly buttin started hurting after my back felt like it wanted to drop out took a piss test at a free clinic thng says negative…now my period soppose to be comin like de 18th or at lease 19th or later buh its the 13th and its here…wah sup yall did we do it or just issues as usuall cause I been doubtn came here on this page and found similar ideas…

Answer #7

okay hwile on this topic. I am on birth control and me and my boyfriend don use condoms and latly I have had ALL the prenancy symptoms, my stomachs bee hurting, I’ve been having head aches, I’ve been craving weird food I usualy dont eat. my boobs are tender my backs been more sore then usual, I have been more emotional, I usualy dont cry but latly I was watching black beauty and started cying for no reason and I have been so mood swingy like laughing one moment screeming the next and balling my eyes out a couple seconds later. Now I am on my sugar pills and usualy I get my period on the fourth one but im on the second one and I have brown discharge. could I be pregnant? I also found out when on pills you may still get period even when pregnant so you need to get an ultra sound in order to find out how far you actualy are?

Answer #8

I came on my period on the 23 of January and I was supposed to come on the 27th…I think there is a possibility that I could be pregnant..Being as with my first child the same thing happened.. What do you guys thnk? And do not JUDGE me as you did the other girl..I am married and having another child would be very much welcome in our family.. I also had this pain shoot through my breast when I got out the shower today…

Answer #9

omg you guyz are scarin mee…me and my boyfriend had sex about 10 days ago and I forgot to take my pill that day and we didnt use protection.He later told me that he frkn nutted in me and ever since then I’ve been like paranoid. so today I got that brown discharge thing and I was looking up whut it meant and I found this and several answers like the ones above. so I think im gunna take a pregnancy test and hope for the best…

Answer #10

do u want to get prgnate? well…hmmz yeah like the person above me said…take a pregnancy test…then another one later on maybe like a few weeks after…but other wise go and see a doctor hun…be carful of what u do…if u dont want to get pregnate…u better use some protaction.

Answer #11

I got pregnant with my first two sons while I was on the pill so for some people birth control doens’t work even if you take it proporly.

Answer #12

Is there a reason why you and your bf are having sex without some form of protection? If you want to get pregnant hun, thats the sure way to do it!!

Its hard to say why your bleeding. Take a pregnancy test, if it comes back negative, take one again later in the month!

Answer #13

ealy periods don’t mean your pregnant they can do that sometimes but if your not using condoms then you should take a pregnancy test just to be sure x

Answer #14

I was looking up this info. for my fiance’, and I guess I got my answer. And don’t get all pissy w/ her b/c she like having unprotected sex… it’s 10x better than protected. Even though condoms say “extra sensative”, they still suck compared to the real thing. Plus, pulling out and blowing it wherever you want is the best thing in the world. The only reason I’ve ever worried about using protection is STD’s, which are not fun. Hence, I trust the girl that I’ve been dating for over 2 years so I don’t worry about protection. Plus, if you do get pregnant you can always take the Plan B or get an abortion, simple as that! HAPPY FUCKING!!!

Answer #15

I was living with a total looser and was struggling to find an answer how to get away from him soone day my period started 9 days earlier and I almost called 911. Nothing to worry about , it is just stress. Stay away from loosers and enjoy your life!

Answer #16

Ok so I had an ‘indiscretion’ and didn’t use protection but have had a period since… This week I had sex twice with my boyfriend, once with a condom once without but he pulled out. I have noticed previously that a day or two after sex I get a dark stain in my underwear… It usually lasts for a day or two… I have just got this again but not sure if I could stil be pregnant as I have had my period… And my next one isn’t due until 5th June…

I know I sound like an idiot but I really need some help on this topic please….

Thank you!

Answer #17

no it doesnt but if you are having unprotected sex you should take a test… should always use a condom if you dont want to get pregnant

im not being funny but im only 13 n i know that you should use protection so, so should youu. xxx

Answer #18

The light bleeding you are experiencing can be a sign of pregnancy. It is called breakthrough bleeding. However, that isn’t the only thing it can be. Depending on how young you are, it could just be normal shifting of your cycle.

If you are concerned, you should take a pregnancy test, or better yet, go and see your doctor with your concerns.

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