My parents

I think my parents mite get a devorse all they do is argue… is there any otherways I could tell if there are ? x

Answer #1

Mine did when I was 6 and im now 14 so…its not that bad atcually well it is a first but it gets better…but I love my step family and not many people do

but if they don’t sleep in the same bed, one stays out all night and stuff..?

Answer #2

well. I think my parents too.. well if your mom starts cryin and says I cant live like this!! that givs it away.

Answer #3

I’ve asked but my mum just says I dont know whats happening … :S thanx x

Answer #4

ohh I think she mite have said that … thanx

Answer #5

I would suggest just asking them. My parents are divorced, still living together, which is random, but ever since the divorce they havent been so stressed. So yer, I would just ask them whats going on. Hope this helps Aimyyy xXx

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