my nails need to grow

how can I make my nails grow longer? likee they aren’t super short but whenever they start to grow they break!!

Answer #1

Opi, original nail strengthener

Answer #2

put maximin growth on them. It makes them stronger

Answer #3

Just get your nails done??

Answer #4

put clear nail polish on your nails. Nail polish protects them. But don’t always have nail polish on your nails or they can dry them out and break easier. I put clear polish on this week and kept it on as long as I can. When the polish rubs off, I file them, sometimes even trim them. After that I soak them in nail polish remover, soap and water for 10 minutes then put the polish on again. I keep doing that and after 2 weeks, you will have long, and VERY strong nails. But make sure your not always opening soda cans, or stuff like that, because you can break a nail easy just doing that. REMEMBER: the longer your nails are, the stronger! This works for me, it will work for you. GOOD LUCK!! :)

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