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My mum has a new boyfriend what do I do

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My mum has a new boyfriend which isnt the problem with me my problem is that when my mum and dad split when I was 4 (now im 21) mums second husband moved in just 3 weeks later he was very controlling and she had nothing to do with me and my older sister until they split 2 years ago... It wasnt until I was almost 20 that my mum actully spent a day with me for as long as I can remember because she had no time for me.. When they split I spent every week end with her for 6 months so she wouldnt be alone its been great with me and my mum since then but now she has a new boyfriend and she has gone back to her old ways where she doesnt want anything to do with me, she used to call me 3 times a week just to say hi.. Which was goos as I went 5 years without a phone call unless it was my birthday and then then it was just a txt message but since they started seeing 3 months ago I havent had a phone call since... I know im a bit jealous because I enjoyed spending time with her because I have never done it before after all that time spending time with her so she wasnt lonely she just ditches me for him... Am I being selfish or do I have every reason to feel angry at her. Please help with what I am suupose to do because im at the point where I really dont want anything to do with me mum if she is going to treat me that why and not want anything to do with me