How do I treat my mom with the flu?

my mom has the flu how do I treat her

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Give her peace and quiet. Let her rest. Give her 7up or juice, maybe some soup? (if she wants to eat) A flu is a virus, it gets better on its own. :)

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Make sure she drinks plenty of fluids (water, juice, etc). Make her some soup, make sure she has tissues handy, and try to be on the quiet side as she probably has a headache and is sensitive to noise. She is probably also sensitive to light, so don’t turn on a bunch of bright lights. Just try to keep her as comfortable as you can - ask her if there’s anything you can get for her. If her stomach is upset foods like crackers, bread, light coloured soda (such as sprite), yogurt, oatmeal, and soup are easy on the stomach (and help with nausea). Make sure she has plenty of blankets. Make sure she sleeps as much as she can.

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